Updated many functions and bugs from the previous version. This program can emulate the keyboard and mouse on another computer using serial input [PC1-USB-MBED-USB-PC2] Control using serial input to keyboard/mouse output like a regular keyboard and mouse.

Dependencies:   mbed

Fork of KeyboardMouseSerialV2 by Matthew Savage

Here is the windows vb.net source code for communicating with the mbed device with my KeyboardMouseSerialV2 Repository Program

Slave Driver Application & Source Code: /media/uploads/Elitism/slave_driver.zip

Slave Vector Plotting Tool (For Vector Mapping to 32767 HID_XY-Maximum Resolution: /media/uploads/Elitism/slave_vector_plotting_tool.zip

The drivers: /media/uploads/Elitism/mbed_serial_drivers.zip

Here is what the slave driver application looks like:


Here is what the slave vector plotting tool looks like:


When mapping, make sure your mouse is at its maximum vector on x and y axis then map the offset to 32767 :)

The connection is as follows:


Download repository: zip gz

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