W. Zaki

Cairo, Egypt


I Do Have Kind of Life Story with Microprocessors and Microcontrollers..

It Started with Such sequence of CPU's...

Z80, 8052, 8088, 8086, 80186, 6800, 68000... Then; PIC, AVR, AVR mega,

Then; World of ARM... nxp LPC2148, LPC2294, LPC2888.. Then; Atmel SAM7 AT91SAM7S256, SAM9 AT91SAM9261 and Analog Devices' ADuC7020..

and Now There's time for; Cortex NXP LPC1768... !!

. .

In most of times, i do some useful things (really useful ;) with CPU's i could get.. In Other times the enjoyment is getting over the Challenge with every Newer CPU...

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