R1 code for micro:bit based train controller code, requires second micro:bit running rx code to operate - see https://meanderingpi.wordpress.com/ for more information

Fork of nrf51-sdk by Lancaster University

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nrf_assert.h File Reference

nrf_assert.h File Reference

Utilities for verifying program logic. More...

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void assert_nrf_callback (uint16_t line_num, const uint8_t *file_name)
 Function for handling assertions.

Detailed Description

Utilities for verifying program logic.

Definition in file nrf_assert.h.

Function Documentation

void assert_nrf_callback ( uint16_t  line_num,
const uint8_t *  file_name 

Function for handling assertions.

This function is called when an assertion has triggered.
All hardware is put into an idle non-emitting state (in particular the radio is highly important to switch off since the radio might be in a state that makes it send packets continiously while a typical final infinit ASSERT loop is executing).
line_numThe line number where the assertion is called
file_namePointer to the file name

Definition at line 35 of file nrf_assert.c.