Wifly Project

I'm trying to make a Labview controlled robot with Wifly module 1. First i tried to make a connection with an AP and send data from labview to the mbed 2. Use the Wifly module RN171XVW to set up a adhoc network.

v1.1: Field Robot


Picture from robot without RN-XV Module

v2.0 and v2.1


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20 Feb 2014

Any succes?

20 Feb 2014

yes, so far i can control a little robot with commands from labview. setting up an adhoc network from the wifly module wasn't to hard. We didn't use the GPIO9 pin to automatically generate the adhow network, we made a routine for setting it up by software. for sending the data to the robot we made a little protocol where we send a string of numbers, for instance: 10,45 here is 1 the button we pushed and 0,45 the formatted float for the speed of the motors. /media/uploads/BjornVB/main.cpp

28 Feb 2014

I will do an omnidirectional wireless car , in first instance ill do it with a bluetooth module then with the wifly , i will take controll of 4 servos, 4 dc motors, and audio out. First of all ill have to leran how to send serial with labview :D. Today i sended my protoptype to the 3d printer :D i hope everything fits. Ill try whith switch & case way and see what happens.

04 Mar 2014

Im having some problems with the string that i receive would you mind helping me out?


19 Mar 2014

How did you stablished connection with lab view and wifly? , with the bluetooth was easy because i detected la a serial device.

19 Mar 2014

I used TCP/IP communication and inputted the IP adres and port


08 Apr 2014

aww I see, Any library for wifly that you recomend, im using wifly rn-xv v4.00?

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