AppNearMe µNFC stack for the NXP PN532 chip License: You can use the stack free of charge to prototype with mbed; if you want to use the stack with your commercial product, get in touch!

Dependents:   IOT_sensor_nfc AppNearMe_MuNFC_PN532_Test p2p_nfc_test NFCMoodLamp ... more

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for AppNearMe_MuNFC_PN532


MuNFC A library for embedded NFC applications using NXP's PN512/PN532 NFC transceivers
TLVList A simple container List of Type/Length/Values items


appnearme_ndef.h [code]
appnearme_ndef_tlv.h [code]
appnearme_ndef_util.h [code]
buffer.h [code]
debug.h [code]
errors.h [code]
EventCallback.cpp [code]
EventCallback.h [code]
fwk.h [code]
MuNFC.cpp [code]
MuNFC.h [code]
MuNFCMbedPlatform.cpp [code]
NdefCallback.cpp [code]
NdefCallback.h [code]
nfc_config.h [code]
NFCEvent.h [code] NFC-related events
platform_rtos.h [code]
pn512.h [code]
pn512_cmd.h [code]
pn512_hw.h [code]
pn512_irq.h [code]
pn512_platform.h [code]
pn512_registers.h [code]
pn532.h [code]
pn532_cmd.h [code]
pn532_frame.h [code]
pn532_irq.h [code]
pn532_platform.h [code]
pn532_registers.h [code]
pn532_status.h [code]
protocols.h [code]
spi.h [code]
target_iso14443a.h [code]
target_nfctype2.h [code]
target_nfctype4.h [code]
TLVList.cpp [code]
TLVList.h [code] List of Type/Length/Values items
transaction_event.h [code]
transceiver.h [code]