Send DHT11 & SHT10 sensors data through LoRa SX1272 board.

Dependencies:   DHT11 SHTx SX1272Lib mbed

Fork of SX1272-Transmitter by Antoine Boisadam


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
23:711e46d8c9c6 2017-04-03 Antoine38 Fix some variables default tip
22:e6a5e6cf38cb 2017-04-03 Antoine38 clean "printf"
21:3ea7ab726dd4 2017-04-01 Antoine38 Optimization of the sent message, 6 bytes now
20:c4f5299fa99d 2017-03-28 Antoine38 TX TIMEOUT
19:e50e4a513de1 2017-03-28 Antoine38 Compatibility with SHT10 Soil sensor
18:1ee53f77b90d 2017-03-13 Antoine38 Integration of the code of dalleo/DHT11_Temp_Humid_Air to retrieve real data and send them
17:cd37e3e63cec 2017-03-13 Antoine38 BufferSize = 1024
16:80f027a8b2bc 2017-03-13 Antoine38 led blinking
15:24dc42e5d7bf 2017-03-13 Antoine38 removing useless state declarations
14:62c3fd006150 2017-03-13 Antoine38 PingPong is now only a transmitter
13:edb9b443c1dd 2016-02-17 GregCr First Release
12:08806c3190f6 2015-11-26 mluis Updated radio library
11:50862903c3e3 2015-11-26 mluis Updated mbed library
10:7af820d1e1df 2015-11-26 mluis Adapted application to new version of SX1276Lib radio driver
9:e764990e45df 2014-12-16 mluis Updated according to radio library API change
8:f956dee63a56 2014-09-30 GregCr remove mbed_debug.h as causing insses with NXP board
7:c1bbd6c56979 2014-09-26 GregCr Change payload buffer handling
6:44752b4f8ab1 2014-09-23 GregCr minor change
5:f2431c4fe3bb 2014-09-19 GregCr Minor correction
4:5ece30264cd9 2014-09-19 GregCr created main.h for callback prototype; match library update
3:8b9e2a4df4b5 2014-09-04 GregCr Added support for FHSS
2:59e108728d71 2014-08-21 GregCr Release Candidate V1.1
1:126d70d374f6 2014-08-20 GregCr Release Candidate
0:1ed39951ab7b 2014-08-19 GregCr Simple Ping-Pong between two SX1276MB1xAS boards