MQTT cellular example

Dependencies:   C027_Support C12832 MQTT mbed

Fork of Cellular_HelloMQTT by Michael Ammann



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 * Copyright (c) 2014 IBM Corp.
 * All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
 * are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
 * and Eclipse Distribution License v1.0 which accompany this distribution.
 * The Eclipse Public License is available at
 * and the Eclipse Distribution License is available at
 * Contributors:
 *    Ian Craggs - initial API and implementation and/or initial documentation
  This is a sample program to illustrate the use of the MQTT Client library
  on the mbed platform.  The Client class requires two classes which mediate
  access to system interfaces for networking and timing.  As long as these two
  classes provide the required public programming interfaces, it does not matter
  what facilities they use underneath. In this program, they use the mbed
  system libraries.
#include "mbed.h"

// You need to configure these cellular modem / SIM parameters.
// These parameters are ignored for LISA-C200 variants and can be left NULL.
#include "MDM.h"
//! Set your secret SIM pin here (e.g. "1234"). Check your SIM manual.
#define SIMPIN      NULL
/*! The APN of your network operator SIM, sometimes it is "internet" check your 
    contract with the network operator. You can also try to look-up your settings in 
    google: */
#define APN         NULL
//! Set the user name for your APN, or NULL if not needed
#define USERNAME    NULL
//! Set the password for your APN, or NULL if not needed
#define PASSWORD    NULL 

#include "C12832.h"
#if defined(TARGET_LPC1768) && !defined(TARGET_UBLOX_C027)
C12832 lcd(p5, p7, p6, p8, p11);    // The classic TARGET_MBED_LPC1768
C12832 lcd(D11, D13, D12, D7, D10);

#include "MQTTSocket.h"
#include "MQTTClient.h"

int arrivedcount = 0;
void messageArrived(MQTT::MessageData& md)
    MQTT::Message &message = md.message;
    printf("Message arrived: qos %d, retained %d, dup %d, packetid %d\n", message.qos, message.retained, message.dup,;
    printf("Payload %.*s\n", message.payloadlen, (char*)message.payload);
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    MDMSerial mdm;
    //mdm.setDebug(4); // enable this for debugging issues 
    if (!mdm.connect(SIMPIN, APN,USERNAME,PASSWORD))
        return -1;
    MQTTSocket ipstack = MQTTSocket();
    float version = 0.47;
    char* topic = "mbed-sample";
    lcd.printf("Version is %f\n", version);
    printf("Version is %f\n", version);
    MQTT::Client<MQTTSocket, Countdown> client = MQTT::Client<MQTTSocket, Countdown>(ipstack);
    char* hostname = "";
    int port = 1883;
    lcd.printf("Connecting to %s:%d\n", hostname, port);
    int rc = ipstack.connect(hostname, port);
    if (rc != 0)
        lcd.printf("rc from TCP connect is %d\n", rc);
    MQTTPacket_connectData data = MQTTPacket_connectData_initializer;       
    data.MQTTVersion = 3;
    data.clientID.cstring = "mbed-sample";
    if ((rc = client.connect(&data)) != 0)
        lcd.printf("rc from MQTT connect is %d\n", rc);
    if ((rc = client.subscribe(topic, MQTT::QOS1, messageArrived)) != 0)
        lcd.printf("rc from MQTT subscribe is %d\n", rc);
    MQTT::Message message;
    // QoS 0
    char buf[100];
    sprintf(buf, "Hello World!  QoS 0 message from app version %f\n", version);
    message.qos = MQTT::QOS0;
    message.retained = false;
    message.dup = false;
    message.payload = (void*)buf;
    message.payloadlen = strlen(buf)+1;
    rc = client.publish(topic, &message);
    while (arrivedcount == 0)
    // QoS 1
    sprintf(buf, "Hello World!  QoS 1 message from app version %f\n", version);
    message.qos = MQTT::QOS1;
    message.payloadlen = strlen(buf)+1;
    rc = client.publish(topic, &message);
    while (arrivedcount == 1)
    // QoS 2
    sprintf(buf, "Hello World!  QoS 2 message from app version %f\n", version);
    message.qos = MQTT::QOS2;
    message.payloadlen = strlen(buf)+1;
    rc = client.publish(topic, &message);
    while (arrivedcount == 2)
    if ((rc = client.unsubscribe(topic)) != 0)
        printf("rc from unsubscribe was %d\n", rc);
    if ((rc = client.disconnect()) != 0)
        printf("rc from disconnect was %d\n", rc);
    lcd.printf("Version %.2f: finish %d msgs\n", version, arrivedcount);
    printf("Finishing with %d messages received\n", arrivedcount);
    return 0;