support library for C027 helper functions for Buffer Pipes, Buffered Serial Port (rtos capable) and GPS parsing. It includes modem APIs for USSD, SMS and Sockets.

Dependents:   HTTPClient_Cellular_HelloWorld Cellular_HelloMQTT MbedSmartRestMain Car_Bon_car_module ... more

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Data Structures

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
APN_tAPN lookup struct
MDMParser::CellLocDataCell Locate Data
MDMParser::DevStatusDevice status
GPSI2CGps class which uses a i2c as physical interface
GPSParserBasic gps parser class
GPSSerialGps class which uses a serial port as physical interface
MDMParserBasic modem parser class
MDMRtos< T >Use this template to override the lock and wait functions of the modem driver in a Rtos system
MDMSerialModem class which uses a serial port as physical interface
MDMParser::NetStatusNetwork Status
Pipe< T >Pipe, this class implements a buffered pipe that can be savely written and read between two context
SerialPipeBuffered serial interface (rtos capable/interrupt driven)
SocketSocket file descriptor and select wrapper
TCPSocketConnectionTCP socket connection
UDPSocketUDP Socket