An API for using MQTT over multiple transports

Dependencies:   FP MQTTPacket

Dependents:   Cellular_HelloMQTT IoTStarterKit GSwifiInterface_HelloMQTT IBMIoTClientEthernetExample ... more

This library is part of the EclipseTM Paho project; specifically the embedded client.

The goals of this API are:

  1. to be independent of any system library: hence templates parameters for networking, timer and threading classes
  2. not to rely on heap storage, only automatic (I think this is a good thing)
  3. to limit memory use, for instance by defining the size of the buffers and arrays used at object creation time


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
59:9cff7b6bbd01 2017-11-02 Ian Craggs MQTTPacket library merge default tip
58:1647399a759b 2017-11-02 Ian Craggs Use correct MQTTPacket library
57:3513ee54ebb4 2017-11-02 Ian Craggs Improve sendpacket loop control
56:71ae1a773b64 2017-10-03 icraggs Allow acks to be sent at end of timeout
55:b74b9ef26f33 2017-11-01 icraggs Consolidate updates for mbed OS 5 and from Paho
54:ff9e5c4b52d0 2017-09-30 icraggs Fix ping processing
53:15b5a280d22d 2017-09-25 icraggs Latest code update from Paho - 1.1
52:3f9919941b86 2017-09-25 icraggs Merge streams
51:5042d7e56f7e 2017-09-25 icraggs Change Timer initialization in Countdown class to avoid copy constructor
50:c37c8236e84a 2017-09-11 Jan Jongboom Roll back f313853d22a6 and 08571008b958 - Usage of free'd memory. Needs investigation
49:08571008b958 2017-09-07 Jan Jongboom Add is_connected function to MQTTSocket
48:187c6d4d7812 2017-09-07 Jan Jongboom Countdown - free Timer when destructing object
47:f313853d22a6 2017-08-10 RobMeades Add u-blox cellular targets C030 (currently the non-N2xx flavour) and C027.
46:e335fcc1a663 2015-08-18 icraggs Latest update from Paho
45:37f007d2a8ae 2015-08-03 icraggs MQTTPacket library update
44:c299463ae853 2014-10-06 icraggs Fix buf reference in disconnect
43:21da1f744243 2014-09-29 icraggs QoS 2 processing
42:f5beda831651 2014-08-21 icraggs latest updates
41:b7e86fa6dbb8 2014-08-15 icraggs Add logging and getter for EthernetInterface object
40:9623a2c9c8ac 2014-08-01 icraggs Merging
39:fc93eb17c268 2014-08-01 icraggs Merge all branches
38:affdb8bd3e7c 2014-08-01 icraggs Update MQTTPacket library
37:e3d64f9b986c 2014-08-01 icraggs Cater for session present flag on connack
36:2f1ada427e56 2014-08-01 icraggs Update types to match MQTTPacket changes
35:063dc3b472d5 2014-08-01 icraggs Change boolean flag size in MQTTPacket to one byte (unsigned char)
34:e18a166198df 2014-08-01 icraggs Change boolean field sizes in MQTTPacket to 1 char
33:8bbc3a992326 2014-07-30 sam_grove Update FP class. No longer need to include FP.cpp :)
32:3ad9afa63299 2014-07-03 sam_grove Update dependency
31:a51dd239b78e 2014-05-22 icraggs Create MQTTSocket.h to not use EthernetInterface
30:a4e3a97dabe3 2014-05-20 icraggs Merge after refactoring header locations
29:833386b16f3e 2014-05-20 icraggs Refactor header locations and separation
28:8b2abe9bd814 2014-05-11 icraggs Merge branches
27:8e27b74cfdc9 2014-05-11 icraggs Wildcard subscription handling. Limits as template parameters.
26:2658bb87c53d 2014-05-11 icraggs Wildcard subscription support. Limits as template parameters.
25:d13a6c558164 2014-05-09 sam_grove Simplify example by moving IPStack into this library for each transport. Working on FP usage to not need the FP.cpp inclusion in main
24:c56a5c7d2a52 2014-05-09 sam_grove Change repo URL back to original FP library
23:05fc7de97d4a 2014-05-06 icraggs Allocate arrays from automatic storage
22:aadb79d29330 2014-04-30 icraggs Documentation updates
21:e918525e529d 2014-04-29 icraggs Add more structure to the Async client
20:cad3d54d7ecf 2014-04-28 icraggs Split APIs into two. Add unsubscribe and disconnect processing
19:57f6f976e878 2014-04-14 Ian Craggs Fix and test subscribe
18:297771d7c0a6 2014-04-14 icraggs Remove the single file
17:4f914fd9ee12 2014-04-14 icraggs Add subscriptions
16:91c2f9a144d4 2014-04-14 icraggs Add subscriptions
15:64a57183aa03 2014-04-13 icraggs I really want the arrays to be allocated in automatic storage
14:079ddee80e3d 2014-04-11 icraggs Latest updates
13:fd82db992024 2014-04-11 Ian Craggs Merged changes
12:cc7f2d62a393 2014-04-11 Ian Craggs Unsubscribe, publish
11:db15da110a37 2014-04-10 icraggs Change thread function definitions to allow it to work
10:68a4ada53367 2014-04-10 icraggs Move linux main to a better place
9:01b8cc7d94cc 2014-04-09 icraggs Fix function pointer definitions
8:c46930bd6c82 2014-04-09 icraggs Threading updates
7:f9d690fb6dad 2014-04-09 Ian Craggs Fixed some bugs
6:4d312a49200b 2014-04-08 icraggs Subscribing
5:389ccac5a50c 2014-04-07 Ian Craggs Latest updates
4:4ef00243708e 2014-04-07 icraggs Templates for both networking and tasks
3:dbff6b768d28 2014-03-31 icraggs Move parameters around to avoid storing data
2:dcfdd2abfe71 2014-03-28 icraggs Structure of API
1:1a6016a0cf66 2014-03-08 sam_grove Created a simple example as starting point to fill out the API from
0:fe461e4d7afe 2014-02-20 sam_grove Initial draft. Working out an API skeleton