Nanostack Border Router is a generic mbed border router implementation that provides the 6LoWPAN ND or Thread border router initialization logic.

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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
border_router_main.cpp [code]
borderrouter_helpers.c [code]
borderrouter_helpers.h [code]
borderrouter_tasklet.c [code]
borderrouter_tasklet.h [code]
borderrouter_thread_tasklet.c [code]
borderrouter_ws.c [code]
cfg_parser.c [code]
cfg_parser.h [code]
eth_driver.h [code]
mbedtls_thread_config.h [code]
mbedtls_wisun_config.h [code]
nanostack_heap_region.c [code]
nanostack_heap_region.h [code]
rf_wrapper.cpp [code]
rf_wrapper.h [code]
static_6lowpan_config.h [code]
thread_bbr_ext.h [code]
thread_br_conn_handler.c [code]
thread_br_conn_handler.h [code]
wisun_certificates.h [code]