DS1820 library for multiple devices

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Dependents:   DS1820_HelloWorld FindingTemp ThermalWake ThermalWake2019Code

Fork of DS1820 by Erik -


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
15:00ec4f27d7f5 2017-03-09 JLarkin Add a whoAmI function to get device address default tip
14:c591209285e9 2017-01-08 Sissors Switched for STM devices to OpenDrain mode. Since also OpenDrain mode is bugged for STM devices it has a workaround to properly enable it. Should be removed once STM fixes it in the mbed lib.
13:51a5011dc0ad 2015-03-09 Sissors Switched to Sam's LinkedList
12:196e9e54b033 2015-02-26 Sissors Fixed issue with multplie probes
11:1a3c3002b50c 2015-02-16 Sissors Renamed all CRC to _CRC to remove conflict with STM devices.
10:d297ce9ce422 2015-01-30 florian correction of bugs compared to original library.; _Unitialized variable; _Wrong reading of temperature (when subdegree precision is required)
9:3821ca0b7f14 2015-01-29 florian suppress a bug uninitialized variable
8:d87e11e8d012 2014-07-08 Sissors Instead of open drain use CMOS output for writing. Not according to standard, but can help for long busses. And helps with parasite powered via data pin (no external mosfet)
7:58b61681818f 2014-04-08 Sissors Added define for invalid conversion
6:abfdd851218a 2014-04-02 Sissors set default convert temperature to all devices
5:2cd4928e8147 2014-02-24 Sissors Simplified code, works also on KL25Z now, added support for DS1822
4:29264b0a2c9f 2013-08-07 pairmand Added check of CRC to end of search_ROM
3:8f2b7f4940b5 2013-08-01 pairmand Fixed to work with latest library version, allowed immediate return from convert_temperature(), and tidied up a few other things.
2:ee820a991b95 2011-12-15 Michael_ Updated documentation. (maybe)
1:6a427f54e82c 2011-12-14 Michael_ Added code to support the DS18B20
0:61d83318f2d6 2010-12-19 Michael_ Dec 18, 2010 First pubication