Mbed OS example of Pelion device management client

This example is known to work great on the following platforms:


To use this example, connect ESP8266 Wi-Fi module (Grove UART WiFi) to the AdBun-M46B board as below:

ESP8266 Wi-FiAdBun-M46B
TXPL1 (CN4-22)
RXPL2 (CN4-24)
VINVCC3.3 (CN11-5)


Example functionality

  • Initialize, connect and register to Pelion DM
  • Interact with the user through the serial port (115200 bauds)
    • Press enter through putty/minicom to simulate button
    • Press i to print endpoint name
    • Press Ctrl-C to to unregister
    • Press r to reset storage and reboot (warning: it generates a new device ID!)

Instructions to use this program with Mbed CLI

1. Import the application into your desktop:

mbed import https://os.mbed.com/teams/Toshiba/code/mbed-os-example-pelion/
cd mbed-os-example-pelion

2. Install the CLOUD_SDK_API_KEY


For instructions on how to generate your API key, please see the documentation.

3. Initialize firmware credentials (done once per repository). You can use the following command:

mbed dm init -d "<your company name in Pelion DM>" --model-name "<product model identifier>" -q --force

If above command do not work for your Mbed CLI, please consider upgrading Mbed CLI to version 1.8.x or above.

4. Connect Pins used with Wifi shield (ESP8266) and SD card shield:

5. Edit mbed_app.json to specify Wi-Fi access point information

            "nsapi.default-wifi-ssid"                   : "\"SSID\"",
            "nsapi.default-wifi-password"               : "\"PASSWORD\""

6. Compile and program:

mbed compile -t <toolchain> -m TMPM46B

(supported toolchains : GCC_ARM / ARM / IAR)

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