HTTP and HTTPS library for Mbed OS 5

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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
40:8fe3b866f1f4 2020-09-16 Modified some API for Mbed OS 6. default tip
39:a8d157986ad8 2019-08-12 Jan Jongboom Fix parsed url leaking memory if path is empty
38:bfd37a21f367 2019-08-09 Jan Jongboom wss schema should default to 443
37:98d83ca14b7b 2019-08-09 Jan Jongboom Revert adding parsed URL to constructor
36:d46da03715db 2019-08-09 Jan Jongboom Allow sending in ParsedURL instead of just string
35:b3ee394d1d2e 2019-08-09 Jan Jongboom Add ws/wss schema in the request builder
34:6daf67a96a91 2019-01-04 Jan Jongboom Add integration tests
33:5b2869cc8934 2019-01-04 Jan Jongboom Remove TLSSocket (now in Mbed OS 5.11)
32:fa4d71265625 2018-10-30 Jan Jongboom Update to use TLSSocket from upstream Mbed OS
31:b3730a2c4f39 2018-10-30 Jan Jongboom Switch to TLSSocket library tlssocket
30:3ad153a3fdfd 2018-09-06 Jennifer Plunkett Updated README with Mbed TLS config info
29:383e9bfbfbed 2018-08-10 Jan Jongboom Force usage of uint32_t instead of size_t - required for compilation on 64-bit systems
28:9a04ed79d67e 2018-03-27 Jan Jongboom Merge default
27:42b319540a74 2018-03-27 Jan Jongboom Reference TCPSocket in tls_socket
26:fe4e03a404fb 2018-01-25 Jan Jongboom Do not add \r\n after request body. Landing patch from
25:47d5c90c9ceb 2018-01-11 Jan Jongboom Add a note about the root-ca-selection
24:6c1651fd26b9 2018-01-11 Jan Jongboom Add chunked requests to readme
23:15fa2726f793 2018-01-11 Jan Jongboom Implement Transfer-Encoding: chunked on HTTP and HTTPS requests, allows streaming large blocks of data over HTTP
22:71fc1b1894f8 2018-01-03 Jan Jongboom Fix for
21:fcd2bfd31a39 2017-12-14 Jan Jongboom Add port Host header if not 80/443
20:0e63d6a93c02 2017-11-18 Jan Jongboom ifndef around HTTP_RECEIVE_BUFFER_SIZE
19:a5371b71de6f 2017-09-04 Jan Jongboom Add a note on RAM usage in the library
18:f7a85895a941 2017-09-04 Jan Jongboom tls_socket was leaking 1024 bytes of memory
17:6e0025e01b98 2017-07-31 Jan Jongboom http_server example will live at
16:1c918cc026c5 2017-07-28 Jan Jongboom Add request parsing to prepare for HTTP server example (2)
15:ffc77f212382 2017-07-28 Jan Jongboom Add request parsing to prepare for HTTP server example
14:3004056e4661 2017-03-30 Jan Jongboom Request with a body, but without Content-Length header should pretend it's chunked to allocate enough memory
13:992d953ecfb9 2017-03-30 Jan Jongboom Add tls_socket.h
12:530c2ebee349 2017-03-28 Jan Jongboom Update README for socket reuse
11:96e4dcb9c0c2 2017-03-28 Jan Jongboom Allow socket re-use in HTTPS and HTTP request
10:b017c7d2cf23 2017-03-28 Jan Jongboom Don't rely on strlen for request length, as it prevents sending \0 over the line. Patch via
9:1289162d9530 2017-03-02 Jan Jongboom If path is empty, default path to '/'. Otherwise HTTP requests become malformed on URLs without a path
8:6156404278bb 2017-03-02 Jan Jongboom Implement tolower, so ARMCC can compile the library too
7:2e3eedb9ca5c 2017-02-24 Jan Jongboom Add support for chunked encoding. Fix bug handle querystrings. HttpResponse should own header strings.
6:112d72c60e07 2017-02-23 Jan Jongboom Call is_body_complete() in HTTPS request as well
5:2456c90f02e9 2017-02-23 Jan Jongboom Update README
4:539df159e058 2017-02-23 Jan Jongboom Allocate body on the heap, not on the stack
3:8a6b003e3874 2017-02-23 Jan Jongboom Rely on Content-Length header to determine when request is processed
2:959baaa89148 2017-02-16 Jan Jongboom size_t is not available in ARMCC
1:52947b0505de 2017-02-16 Jan Jongboom Change receive buffer size to 8192
0:910f5949759f 2017-02-16 Jan Jongboom Initial commit