First Revision of sample code for interfacing ROHM Multi-Sensor Shield board with MultiTech's DragonFly Host Board

Dependencies:   mbed

Fork of ROHM-DragonFly-MultiSensorShield_Interface by Francis Lee

Code Example for ROHM Mutli-Sensor Shield interfaced onto the MultiTech DragonFly Host Cell Board

This code was written to be used with the MultiTech DragonFly Evaluation Kit.

This is the basic example code for interfacing ROHM's Multi-sensor Shield Board onto this board.

Additional information about the ROHM MultiSensor Shield Board can be found at the following link:


Ultimately, this code will initialize all the sensors on the Multi-sensor shield board and then poll the sensors. The sensor data will then be returned through the on-board USB to UART interface and can be viewable on any PC with a standard COM port reader (Terminal, TeraTerm, HyperTerm, etc...)

Supported ROHM Sensor Devices

  • BDE0600G Temperature Sensor
  • BM1383GLV Pressure Sensor
  • BU52014 Hall Sensor
  • ML8511 UV Sensor
  • RPR-0521 ALS/PROX Sensor
  • BH1745NUC Color Sensor
  • KMX62 Accel/Mag Sensor
  • KX122 Accel Sensor
  • KXG03 Gyro/Accel Sensor

Sensor Applicable Code Sections

  • All functionality can be found in the function main()
  • Ultimately code is split up into an "initalization" and "main loop" section
  • Specific sensor information can be found using the #ifdef statements at the beginning of the code


Please feel free to let us know any questions/feedback/comments/concerns you may have by addressing the following e-mail:

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