NuMaker SD-File-System with SD mode


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
31:a31df25bd1e5 11 months ago ccli8 Support CMake build default tip
30:e6fd7737e046 12 months ago cyliang Update os v6.17.0 for M467 target
29:967dda62c794 12 months ago cyliang Update mbed os v6.16.0+ for M467
28:944b25c42b94 17 months ago ccli8 Fix NuSDBlockDevice::size() 32-bit integer overflow error
27:48b42429011a 24 months ago ccli8 Enable erase() for no file system format
26:e9a48202e2e2 2021-03-09 ccli8 Update NuMaker-mbed-SD-driver.lib back
25:1d348ccfc209 2021-02-26 shliu1 Support the both V5.X and V6.X for mbed-os
24:6ded3e567cb9 2021-02-25 cyliang Apply new version of SD lib for OS v6.x
23:036c20fd7064 2020-05-14 ccli8 Change default file system type to FAT from Little
22:016b14a95239 2020-05-14 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.15.3
21:dfd65207a645 2019-11-18 ccli8 Synchronize to mbed-os-example-filesystem
20:97fceaf6d5b6 2019-11-04 ccli8 Update NUSD library
19:5ed682e1c98a 2019-10-24 cyliang Upgrade OS & SD lib for NuMaker-IoT-M263A
18:799f8cb35224 2019-01-02 ccli8 Change STDIO baud rate to 115200
17:6ec019d68ab1 2019-01-02 ccli8 Update NuMaker-mbed-SD-driver.lib to support both RTOS-absent and RTOS-present
16:9a672dc5274c 2018-10-16 ccli8 Hard-code NuSDBlockDevice rather than go default block device
15:1546e7e4196d 2018-10-15 ccli8 Integrate with default block device
14:8ec56692082a 2018-10-15 ccli8 Support NUMAKER_IOT_M487
13:9bb5c5a6e586 2018-10-15 ccli8 Remove unnecessary .gitignore
12:5b66c314ecf5 2018-10-15 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.10.1
11:564a9be3883d 2018-10-15 ccli8 Update NuMaker-mbed-SD-driver.lib
10:0327040d7f0c 2018-08-23 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.9.5
9:72d14671ff91 2018-08-07 ccli8 Support NUMAKER_PFM_M2351
8:d5c3b632499d 2018-04-13 ccli8 [M487] Update to V3.0 board and Mbed OS to 5.8.2
7:4f3d715761f8 2017-09-29 cyliang Update OS to 5.5.7
6:1ddf62bbe95c 2017-05-26 ccli8 Support M487
5:c1be5abe3959 2017-09-04 ccli8 Update mbed-os to mbed-os-5.5.6
4:d1010a2223ef 2017-07-11 ccli8 Update mbed-os to mbed-os-5.5.2
3:577d5101a699 2017-03-30 cyliang Not format SD card in default
2:ee10b396e545 2017-03-15 ccli8 Specify SD pins explicitly rather than default
1:2fb056322926 2017-03-15 ccli8 Support Nuvoton SD block device
0:2ec42a097d17 2017-03-14 ccli8 Initial commit