NuMaker connection with AWS IoT thru MQTT/HTTPS

Dependencies:   MQTT


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
45:7d315fb1ba3e 2021-09-02 ccli8 Fix MQTT client ID collision default tip
44:2f9dc54e7f95 2021-09-01 ccli8 Upgrade to ATS CA and ATS endpoint
43:6ff444e04d50 2021-09-01 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.15.7
42:fa6f7f79a112 2021-02-26 ccli8 Fix conditional TRNG & NV seed injection
41:b878d7cd7035 2020-03-27 ccli8 Make code work across mbed-os 5.15/6.x
40:5a813d7ad6d8 2020-11-12 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.15.6 to support NuMaker-M2354 Ver 1.1 (MP chip)
39:533f5f42b904 2020-09-29 ccli8 M2351: Remove non-PSA minimal secure build from application code`
38:537cbdc1cfa3 2020-04-10 ccli8 Support NU_M2354_NPSA_NS
37:e439a8e0d514 2020-08-28 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.15.5
36:1bec082ad582 2020-03-19 ccli8 Add network disconnect at end of program
35:36578356ed8a 2020-03-18 ccli8 Add timeout for MQTT receiving message with subscribed topic
34:369cb3afc198 2020-03-17 Enlarge MBEDTLS_SSL_IN/OUT_CONTENT_LEN as 8KB for new AWS end-point
33:c3a985807206 2020-03-16 ccli8 Support MBEDTLS_ENTROPY_HARDWARE_ALT with EADC+S/W random
32:2950af1d7dd9 2020-03-16 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.15.1
31:1445edacb720 2020-03-10 ccli8 Support Quectel BG96
30:743b1dc36090 2020-01-13 ccli8 Fix DEVICE_TRNG APIs are not availabe in M2351 secure image
29:e890b0fdce53 2019-10-29 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.14.2 and related modifications
28:4c196d0b769b 2019-09-24 ccli8 Update to mbe-os 5.14.0 and modifications accordingly
27:b12add202b88 2019-04-29 ccli8 Support NUMAKER_PFM_M2351
26:e5cfc2628e84 2019-04-15 ccli8 Reduce memory footprint according to RFC 6066 TLS extension
25:edf568984d27 2019-04-15 ccli8 Refine MyTLSSocket code
24:97cdb9465331 2019-04-12 ccli8 Add more WiFi configurations into NetworkInterfaceDefaults.cpp
23:5111e398e651 2019-04-12 ccli8 Add stack statistics
22:8a5abc6c2b68 2019-04-29 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.12.2
21:0903065795a0 2019-04-12 ccli8 Change default network interface
20:c7b481f4593a 2019-04-12 ccli8 Move TARGET_NUVOTON to targets
19:b8191f21eeaf 2019-04-16 ccli8 Fix MQTT library issues by changing MQTT library link to Nuvoton-maintained
18:ff037d7b30f7 2018-12-13 ccli8 Fix compile error when DEBUG_LEVEL isn't zero in MyTLSSocket.h
17:6f0ff065cd76 2018-12-13 ccli8 Fix TLSSocket name collision with mbed-os 5.11
16:085ccdd153fe 2018-10-12 ccli8 Fix TLSSocket read/write return code for MQTT
15:47ab2fe3a0fc 2018-10-12 ccli8 Support NUMAKER_IOT_M487 target
14:6254599de060 2018-10-12 ccli8 Enable mbedtls crypto H/W acceleration
13:8114b540d342 2018-10-12 ccli8 Change stdio baud rate to 115200
12:97762a6f55e9 2018-10-12 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.10.1
11:5f2ebd78936c 2018-10-12 ccli8 Remove unnecessary .gitignore
10:28b12da1f1d9 2018-08-22 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.9.5 and easy-connect 1.2.13
9:64aadf8b15f1 2018-04-17 ccli8 Update easy-connect.lib to v1.2.4
8:d5ea623ffc1f 2018-04-17 ccli8 Update related material with account migration
7:26784ba6a30e 2018-04-17 ccli8 Update to NuMaker-PFM-M487 V3.0 and Mbed OS 5.8.2
6:7ef096085ca7 2018-02-01 ccli8 Update for timeout configuration over ESP8266 WiFi
5:2a70e217325f 2018-01-12 ccli8 Update for loop test failed over ESP8266 WiFi
4:dc23eeba885a 2018-01-12 ccli8 Update for cancelling hard-coded credential
3:4c8cccd32e34 2018-01-09 ccli8 Fix HTTPS/Ethernet failed
2:319965cafbdd 2018-01-04 ccli8 Fix MQTT lib version error
1:5ffad9f24d63 2018-01-04 ccli8 Support AWS IoT MQTT/HTTPS protocol
0:e1059ea76747 2018-01-10 ccli8 Initial commit