fota lib for mdot

Dependents:   UQ_LoraWAN

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for fota-mdot


ApplicationConfig Application configuration
Channel Channel used for transmitting
Datarate Datarate used for transmitting and receiving
DatarateRange Datarate range for a Channel
DeviceConfig Device configuration
DownlinkControl Frame control field of downlink packets
DownlinkSettings Downlink settings sent in Join Accept message
DutyBand Duty band for limiting time-on-air for regional regulations
JoinRequestFrame Frame structure for Join Request
MacHeader Mac header of uplink and downlink packets
MTSCircularBuffer This class provides a circular byte buffer meant for temporary storage during IO transactions
MulticastSession Multicast session info
NetworkConfig Network configuration
NetworkSession Network session info Some settings are acquired in join message and others may be changed through Mac Commands from server
RxWindow Receive window
Settings Combination of device, network, testing settings and statistics
Statistics Statistics of current network session
SxRadio Radio driver definition
SxRadioEvents Radio driver callback functions
Testing Testing settings
Text This class contains a number of static methods for manipulating strings and other text data
UplinkControl Frame control field of uplink packets
WakeUp Class to make wake up a microcontroller from deepsleep using a low-power timer


aes.h [code]
casado/aes.h [code]
ChannelPlan.h [code]
ChannelPlan_AS923.h [code]
ChannelPlan_AS923_Japan.h [code]
ChannelPlan_AU915.h [code]
ChannelPlan_EU868.h [code]
ChannelPlan_IN865.h [code]
ChannelPlan_KR920.h [code]
ChannelPlan_US915.h [code]
ChannelPlans.h [code]
cmac.h [code]
gladman/cmac.h [code]
Crypto.h [code]
Fota.h [code]
FragmentationMath.h [code]
FragmentationSession.h [code]
library_version.h [code]
Link.h [code]
Lora.h [code]
LoRaConfig.h [code]
Mac.h [code]
MacEvents.h [code]
mDot.h [code]
mDotEvent.h [code]
Mote.h [code]
MTSCircularBuffer.h [code]
MTSLog.h [code]
MTSText.h [code]
MulticastGroup.h [code]
spiffs.h [code]
spiffs_config.h [code]
spiffs_nucleus.h [code]
SpiFlash25.h [code]
SxRadio.h [code]
SxRadio1272.h [code]
SxRadio1272Regs-Fsk.h [code]
SxRadio1272Regs-LoRa.h [code]
SxRadioEvents.h [code]
Utils.h [code]
WakeUp.h [code]
WriteFile.h [code]