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app_util.h File Reference

app_util.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  uint8_array_t
 Byte array type. More...


typedef uint8_t uint16_le_t [2]
 type for holding an encoded (i.e.
typedef uint8_t uint32_le_t [4]
 type for holding an encoded (i.e.


enum  { UNIT_0_625_MS = 625, UNIT_1_25_MS = 1250, UNIT_10_MS = 10000 }


static __INLINE uint8_t uint16_encode (uint16_t value, uint8_t *p_encoded_data)
 Function for encoding a uint16 value.
static __INLINE uint8_t uint32_encode (uint32_t value, uint8_t *p_encoded_data)
 Function for encoding a uint32 value.
static __INLINE uint16_t uint16_decode (const uint8_t *p_encoded_data)
 Function for decoding a uint16 value.
static __INLINE uint32_t uint32_decode (const uint8_t *p_encoded_data)
 Function for decoding a uint32 value.
static __INLINE uint8_t battery_level_in_percent (const uint16_t mvolts)
 Function for converting the input voltage (in milli volts) into percentage of 3.0 Volts.
static __INLINE bool is_word_aligned (void *p)
 Function for checking if a pointer value is aligned to a 4 byte boundary.

Detailed Description

Definition in file app_util.h.