Device interface library for multiple platforms including Mbed.

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Data Structures

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
array< T, N >Generic array class similar to std::array
array_span< T, N >Defines a standard set of types for data fields that are represented as a fixed-size array of elements
DS28E15_22_25::AuthenticationDataFormat data to hash for device authentication or computing the next secret from the existing secret
DS28E15_22_25::BlockProtectionRepresents the status of a memory protection block
CertificateDataData used to create a device key certificate for ECC-256 authenticators
DS28C40::ComputeSecretDataFormat compute secret input data
DS28E16::ComputeSecretDataFormat compute secret input data
DS28E83_DS28E84::ComputeSecretDataFormat compute secret input data
DS28C16::ComputeSecretDataFormat compute secret input data
DS28C36::ComputeSecretDataFormat compute secret input data
DS2465::ConfigRepresents a DS2465 configuration
DS2482_DS2484::ConfigRepresents a device configuration
DS28C40::DecryptionHmacDataFormat decryption HMAC input data
DS28E83_DS28E84::DecryptionHmacDataFormat decryption HMAC input data
DS18B20DS18B20 Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
DS1920DS1920 1-Wire Temperature iButton
DS2413DS2413 1-Wire Dual Channel Addressable Switch
DS2431DS2431 1024-bit 1-Wire EEPROM
DS2465Interface to the DS2465 1-Wire master and SHA-256 coprocessor
DS2476Interface to the DS2476 coprocessor
DS2480BSerial to 1-Wire Line Driver
DS2482_800DS2482-800 I2C to 1-Wire Master
DS2482_DS2484Interface to the DS2484, DS2482-100, DS2482-101, DS2482-800 1-Wire masters
DS2484DS2484 I2C to 1-Wire Master
DS28C36Interface to the DS28C36 authenticator
DS28E15Interface to the DS28E15 authenticator
DS28E15_22_25Interface to the DS28E15/22/25 series of authenticators including low power variants
DS28E17DS28E17 1-Wire®-to-I2C Master Bridge
DS28E22Interface to the DS28E22 authenticator
DS28E25Interface to the DS28E25 authenticator
DS28EL15Interface to the DS28EL15 (low power) authenticator
DS28EL22Interface to the DS28EL22 (low power) authenticator
DS28EL25Interface to the DS28EL25 (low power) authenticator
DS9481P_300DS9481P-300 USB to 1-Wire and I2C adapter
DS28C36::EncryptionHmacDataFormat encryption or decryption HMAC input data
DS28C40::EncryptionHmacDataFormat encryption HMAC input data
DS28E83_DS28E84::EncryptionHmacDataFormat encryption HMAC input data
error_categoryError category interface
error_codeHolds a raw error code produced by a subsystem
error_conditionUsed for classifying groups of error_code into higher-level error conditions through the error_category::equivalent methods
FlagSet< Flag, flagBits >Provides functionality similar to std::bitset except using a bit flag, typically of an enum type, as the indexer
Function< ResultType()>Function implementation for zero argument functions
Function< ResultType(ArgumentType)>Function implementation for one argument functions
Function< ResultType(FirstArgumentType, SecondArgumentType)>Function implementation for two argument functions
Function< ResultType(FirstArgumentType, SecondArgumentType, ThirdArgumentType)>Function implementation for three argument functions
DS28C36::GpioControlAccess fields in the GPIO Control page
DS28C40::GpioControlAccess fields in the GPIO Control page
DS28E83_DS28E84::GpioControlAccess fields in the GPIO Control page
I2CMasterI2C master interface
I2CMasterWrapper for mbed::I2C
is_error_code_enum< T >Checks if an enum type is implicitly convertible to an error_code
is_error_condition_enum< T >Checks if an enum type is implicitly convertible to an error_condition
NoneEmpty tag for use with Function, Optional, Result, and similar types
OneWireMaster1-Wire master interface
Optional< T >Optional value container similar to std::optional
DS28C36::PageAuthenticationDataFormat page authentication input data
DS28C40::PageAuthenticationDataFormat page authentication input data
DS28C39::PageAuthenticationDataFormat page authentication input data
DS28E39::PageAuthenticationDataFormat page authentication input data
DS28E83_DS28E84::PageAuthenticationDataFormat page authentication input data
DS28E38::PageAuthenticationDataFormat page authentication input data
DS28E16::PageAuthenticationDataFormat page authentication input data
DS28C16::PageAuthenticationDataFormat page authentication input data
DS28E15_22_25::PersonalityContainer for the device personality
DS28E15_22_25::ProtectionWriteMacDataFormat data to hash for an Authenticated Write to a memory protection block
Result< T >Expected value container that holds either a value or an error
DS28C36::RomOptionsAccess fields in the ROM Options page
DS28E83_DS28E84::RomOptionsAccess fields in the ROM Options page
DS28C40::RomOptionsAccess fields in the ROM Options page
SearchRomStateState used by Search ROM command
DS28E15_22_25::SegmentWriteMacDataFormat data to hash for an Authenticated Write to a memory segment
SelectMatchRomSelector for a multidrop 1-Wire bus
system_errorWrapper for throwing error_code as an exception
OneWireMaster::TripletDataResult of the 1-Wire triplet command
UartUniversal asynchronous receiver-transmitter interface
UartWrapper for mbed::Serial
DS28C40::WriteAuthenticationDataFormat authenticated write input data
DS28E83_DS28E84::WriteAuthenticationDataFormat authenticated write input data
DS28C36::WriteAuthenticationDataFormat authenticated write input data
DS28E39::WriteAuthenticationDataFormat authenticated write input data
DS28C39::WriteAuthenticationDataFormat authenticated write input data