I2C sensor test program, derived from testI2C program. Simple test for FXOS8700CQ, HIH6130, MAG3110, MMA8451Q, MMA8452Q, MPL3115A2, MAX44000, MAX44005, MAX44008, MAX30101 included beside simple I2C read/write from testI2C.

Dependencies:   FXOS8700CQ HIH6130 IS31SE5000 MAG3110 MAX44000 MAX44005 MAX44008 MMA8451Q MMA8452Q MPL3115A2 VEML6040 VEML6075 mbed vt100 LM75B FXAS21002 MAX30101 VCNL4020 VCNL4100


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
19:dfd1f76515c5 2017-12-28 Rhyme test of AK9752, AK9753, AK009970N added default tip
18:ee6f43cbfcc1 2017-12-27 Rhyme current saving at the end of 27-Dec-2017
17:514f67d94d12 2017-09-13 Rhyme Bus scan now uses 2 byte read instead of 1 byte read, so that we don't have to worry about 2 byte only modules such as Vishay sensors
16:84a856643eab 2017-03-28 Rhyme VEML6075 data read fail bug fixed
15:17416bd1b51c 2017-03-28 Rhyme VEML6075 added (still under construction)
14:1e6e4fdf90d0 2017-03-27 Rhyme First version of MAX30101 lib added
13:91e4be27e7c1 2017-03-10 Rhyme MAX32600MBED support added.; Note: use 57600 for terminal baud
12:b3dff3bbb1eb 2017-02-24 Rhyme test now accept address of sensor, but only the one found first at specified address will be tested.
11:54e005937996 2017-02-21 Rhyme S11059 added (but not tested yet)
10:710ba5364779 2017-02-21 Rhyme Hamamatsu Color Sensor S11059 added
9:d4f76e6fa35f 2017-02-08 Rhyme Vishay Sensor requires to be read 2 bytes each, so it was causing bus scan hang when read only 1 byte. So kludge approach was reading 2 bytes only for the address 0x10 (Vishay)
8:de16b5531476 2016-08-05 Rhyme Interrupt pins for FRDM-K22F (quattro-II) have been modified to support quattro-II
7:8f438094f8cc 2016-07-29 Rhyme Support of FXAS21002 added
6:897f32c6ef7d 2016-07-07 Rhyme MAX44000 prox is now working, by lighting LED and change mode to ALS&PROX
5:cdac8329b22c 2016-07-07 Rhyme MAX44000 test routine was changed to be a one liner
4:c10b1aa9925c 2016-07-06 Rhyme Sensor names are now case insensitive, so you can type LM75B, Lm75b, lm75b.
3:be01d9e0fa3e 2016-07-06 Rhyme Support of LM75B Digital temperature sensor added
2:bb0d86f35a25 2016-06-02 Rhyme Address of MAX44005 changed to 0x44
1:9450e20cf688 2016-04-26 Rhyme Commit before initial publish
0:d4bbd473a83c 2016-04-26 Rhyme Implementing sensor tests, up to FXOS8700CQ added.