mbed.org local branch of microbit-dal. The real version lives in git at https://github.com/lancaster-university/microbit-dal

Dependencies:   BLE_API nRF51822 mbed-dev-bin

Dependents:   microbit Microbit IoTChallenge1 microbit ... more

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for microbit-dal


Cortex_M0_TCB Thread Context for an ARM Cortex M0 core
DynamicPwm Class definition for DynamicPwm
EventModel Class definition for the micro:bit EventModel
Fiber Representation of a single Fiber
IOData Name value pair definition, as used to read and write pin values over BLE
MAG3110SampleRateConfig Configuration options
ManagedString Class definition for a ManagedString
Matrix4 Class definition for a simple matrix, that is optimised for nx4 or 4xn matrices
MatrixMap This struct presumes rows and columns are arranged contiguously..
MatrixPoint Provides the mapping from Matrix ROW/COL to a linear X/Y buffer
MemberFunctionCallback Class definition for a MemberFunctionCallback
MicroBitAccelerometer Class definition for MicroBit Accelerometer
MicroBitAccelerometerService Class definition for a MicroBit BLE Accelerometer Service
MicroBitBLEManager Class definition for the MicroBitBLEManager
MicroBitButton Class definition for MicroBit Button
MicroBitButtonService Class definition for a MicroBit BLE Button Service
MicroBitCompass Class definition for MicroBit Compass
MicroBitCompassCalibrator Class definition for an interactive compass calibration algorithm
MicroBitComponent Class definition for MicroBitComponent
MicroBitDFUService Class definition for a MicroBit Device Firmware Update loader
MicroBitDisplay Class definition for MicroBitDisplay
MicroBitEvent Class definition for a MicroBitEvent
MicroBitEventQueueItem Enclosing class to hold a chain of events
MicroBitEventService Class definition for a MicroBit BLE Event Service
MicroBitFont Class definition for a MicrobitFont This class represents a font that can be used by the display to render text
MicroBitI2C Class definition for MicroBitI2C
MicroBitImage Class definition for a MicroBitImage
MicroBitIO Class definition for MicroBit IO
MicroBitIOPinService Class definition for the custom MicroBit IOPin Service
MicroBitLEDService Class definition for the custom MicroBit LED Service
MicroBitLightSensor Class definition for MicroBitLightSensor
MicroBitListener This structure defines a MicroBitListener used to invoke functions, or member functions if an instance of EventModel receives an event whose id and value match this MicroBitListener's id and value
MicroBitMagnetometerService Class definition for the MicroBit BLE Magnetometer Service
MicroBitMessageBus Class definition for the MicroBitMessageBus
MicroBitMultiButton Class definition for MicroBitMultiButton
MicroBitPin Class definition for MicroBitPin
MicroBitRadioDatagram Provides a simple broadcast radio abstraction, built upon the raw nrf51822 RADIO module
MicroBitRadioEvent Provides a simple broadcast radio abstraction, built upon the raw nrf51822 RADIO module
MicroBitSerial Class definition for MicroBitSerial
MicroBitStorage Class definition for the MicroBitStorage class
MicroBitSystemTimerCallback A simple C/C++ wrapper to allow periodic callbacks to standard C functions transparently
MicroBitTemperatureService Class definition for the custom MicroBit Temperature Service
MicroBitThermometer Class definition for MicroBit Thermometer
MicroBitUARTService Class definition for the custom MicroBit UART Service
PacketBuffer Class definition for a PacketBuffer
RefCounted Base class for payload for ref-counted objects


DynamicPwm.cpp [code]
DynamicPwm.h [code]
ErrorNo.h [code]
EventModel.h [code]
ExternalEvents.h [code]
ManagedString.cpp [code]
ManagedString.h [code]
ManagedType.h [code]
Matrix4.cpp [code]
Matrix4.h [code]
MemberFunctionCallback.cpp [code]
MemberFunctionCallback.h [code]
MESEvents.h [code]
MicroBitAccelerometer.cpp [code]
MicroBitAccelerometer.h [code]
MicroBitAccelerometerService.cpp [code]
MicroBitAccelerometerService.h [code]
MicroBitBLEManager.cpp [code]
MicroBitBLEManager.h [code]
MicroBitButton.cpp [code]
MicroBitButton.h [code]
MicroBitButtonService.cpp [code]
MicroBitButtonService.h [code]
MicroBitCompass.cpp [code]
MicroBitCompass.h [code]
MicroBitCompassCalibrator.cpp [code]
MicroBitCompassCalibrator.h [code]
MicroBitCompat.cpp [code]
MicroBitCompat.h [code]
MicroBitComponent.h [code]
MicroBitConfig.h [code]
MicroBitCoordinateSystem.h [code]
MicroBitDevice.cpp [code]
MicroBitDevice.h [code]
MicroBitDFUService.cpp [code]
MicroBitDFUService.h [code]
MicroBitDisplay.cpp [code]
MicroBitDisplay.h [code]
MicroBitEvent.cpp [code]
MicroBitEvent.h [code]
MicroBitEventService.cpp [code]
MicroBitEventService.h [code]
MicroBitFiber.cpp [code]
MicroBitFiber.h [code]
MicroBitFont.cpp [code]
MicroBitFont.h [code]
MicroBitHeapAllocator.cpp [code]
MicroBitHeapAllocator.h [code]
MicroBitI2C.cpp [code]
MicroBitI2C.h [code]
MicroBitImage.cpp [code]
MicroBitImage.h [code]
MicroBitIO.cpp [code]
MicroBitIO.h [code]
MicroBitIOPinService.cpp [code]
MicroBitIOPinService.h [code]
MicroBitLEDService.cpp [code]
MicroBitLEDService.h [code]
MicroBitLightSensor.cpp [code]
MicroBitLightSensor.h [code]
MicroBitListener.cpp [code]
MicroBitListener.h [code]
MicroBitMagnetometerService.cpp [code]
MicroBitMagnetometerService.h [code]
MicroBitMatrixMaps.h [code]
MicroBitMessageBus.cpp [code]
MicroBitMessageBus.h [code]
MicroBitMultiButton.cpp [code]
MicroBitMultiButton.h [code]
MicroBitPin.cpp [code]
MicroBitPin.h [code]
MicroBitRadio.cpp [code]
MicroBitRadio.h [code]
MicroBitRadioDatagram.cpp [code]
MicroBitRadioDatagram.h [code]
MicroBitRadioEvent.cpp [code]
MicroBitRadioEvent.h [code]
MicroBitSerial.cpp [code]
MicroBitSerial.h [code]
MicroBitStorage.cpp [code]
MicroBitStorage.h [code]
MicroBitSystemTimer.cpp [code]
MicroBitSystemTimer.h [code]
MicroBitTemperatureService.cpp [code]
MicroBitTemperatureService.h [code]
MicroBitThermometer.cpp [code]
MicroBitThermometer.h [code]
MicroBitUARTService.cpp [code]
MicroBitUARTService.h [code]
NotifyEvents.h [code]
PacketBuffer.cpp [code]
PacketBuffer.h [code]
RefCounted.cpp [code]
RefCounted.h [code]
TimedInterruptIn.cpp [code]
TimedInterruptIn.h [code]
yotta_cfg_mappings.h [code]