Sample Client Code that showcases how to use IBMIoTF client library to connect the mbed FRDM-K64F device to the IBM Internet of Things Cloud service in registered mode.

Dependencies:   IBMIoTF

Here are the instructions to use this Client Sample:

- Get the program either in online compiler / local to the system

- Edit main.cpp to update the below pasted lines to contain correct Watson IoT Platform configuration:

char *orgId = "OrganizationID";

char *deviceType = "DeviceType";

char *deviceId = "DeviceID";

char *method = "token";

char *token = "DeviceToken";

- Save the changes and compile to get binary

- Deploy obtained binary onto FRDM K64F board and press reset button to start execution of the program

- Use any of the suitable terminal utility (screen in MAC OS) to see the log statements printed onto console by the Client Sample

- By default, the client sample after establishing secure connection to Watson IoT Platform, publishes 10 device events at the interval of 3 seconds and terminates

- Client sample subscribes to receive the device commands as well, one can try sending device commands using application, we should see a statement being dumped from processCommand callback on the console before termination of sample

Download repository: zip gz