Ulta Low Power I2C Multi-Sensor: Capacitive Touch, Magnetic Field & Inductive Proximity.

Dependencies:   IQS620DisplayTerminal IQS62x mbed

Fork of IQS620_HelloWorld by Azq Dev

Hello World! From Azoteq's IQS620 Ultra Low Power Multi-Sensor

This is an mbed hardware demo program for the Azoteq IQS620 ultra low power multisensor.

More details on the IQS620 (and verified mbed boards) on these component pages:

Components / IQS620A
Ultra low power sensor for magnetic field, capacitive touch and inductive proximity. Empowers next-generation user interfaces.

Low Cost Evaluation Board For Azoteq IQS620A ultra low power sensor for magnetic field, capacitance, inductive proximity and temperature. Empowers next-generation user interfaces.

IQS620 Eval Kit board Connected to mbed LPC1768 board.