This library controls the WNC. There is a derived class for usage from the K64F board.

Fork of WncControllerLibrary by Fred Kellerman


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
37:92acf8c20e6d 2017-09-15 fkellermavnet Fixed benign bug, if string not found for dnsresolve (which means something is broken anyways), code was adding and then looking for string::npos. Which if the string was not correct this would have probably crashed the application, all fixed now. default tip
36:d1a98d5f2bbd 2017-04-06 jmf jdfjadfjadlkjfasd;lkj
35:7c9d0f29ff7a 2017-03-09 JMF added an "include <string.h>" to resolve an error regarding access strlen. This problem began when the compiler was updated.
34:68283b201052 2016-11-17 Added tag att_cellular_K64_wnc_14A2A_20161117 for changeset 2958e09ad308
33:2958e09ad308 2016-11-17 fkellermavnet Added docs, changed ::write() to use uint8_t instead of char. att_cellular_K64_wnc_14A2A_20161117
32:6512f41ac6f0 2016-10-10 fkellermavnet Removed the power save mode turn off.
31:5db38ccccd1d 2016-10-07 fkellermavnet Added a toggle of the wakeup pin to try to stop the 'A' from being dropped.; Added an AT% cmd to turn off power saving mode, this is thought to maybe be a solution to the no response problem.;
30:98c9ff850c1b 2016-09-23 fkellermavnet Changed cell status check to return earlier if a no response is detected.
29:69ada8524b4a 2016-09-23 fkellermavnet Found that WNC is giving an error on socket close once in a while.
28:eece2151e1e5 2016-09-23 fkellermavnet Re-arranged error handling 1 more time.
27:c2b9ef5ccbef 2016-09-21 fkellermavnet Patched up SMS message parsing, the WNC though makes it really really hard to handle all cases.
26:f726d56a8141 2016-09-19 kevinkeryk Added URL for Avnet team repository.
25:cc8548faab1d 2016-09-19 fkellermavnet Remove test comment.
24:b0bc03d4ab93 2016-09-19 fkellermavnet Test comment.
23:aa2d716e234c 2016-09-16 fkellermavnet Added firmware revision reporting to the init.
22:db78f3e0d782 2016-09-15 fkellermavnet Make WNC_NO_RESPONSE = -999 for Jim.
21:086841abc3aa 2016-09-15 fkellermavnet Added a no response to the state of the WNC
20:ca2db38d6802 2016-09-14 fkellermavnet Changed read to return -1 when WNC fails.
19:83a52353b97e 2016-09-14 fkellermavnet SMS seems work pretty good now.; main() has some debug in it that needs to be removed next time.
18:ca2899c353c2 2016-09-13 fkellermavnet Enhanced SMS.; Added ICCID.; Added MSISDN.; Increased max sockets at once to 5.;
17:59b1e9341188 2016-09-10 fkellermavnet mdmGetline now uses a string doesn't need to accout for null in the buffer, fixed.
16:f748245382ac 2016-09-10 fkellermavnet Made case better if WNC decides to not write back correct number of read data.
15:2c8211ef69e1 2016-09-10 fkellermavnet Added 2 socket open methods (public) to open with a url c-string or ip address c-string.
14:e846217affcd 2016-09-10 fkellermavnet Added more checks to make sure find is not used on empty string for some reason mbed sometimes crashes when that is done.
13:73629a6e9122 2016-09-10 fkellermavnet Cleaned up write a bit too, tested all good!
12:33290e9e6e5f 2016-09-10 fkellermavnet Cleaned up the read loops a bit.
11:3ff6c1cb5b03 2016-09-09 fkellermavnet Fixed some SMS debug output.
10:2ec59906a24e 2016-09-09 fkellermavnet Fixed small buffer reading.
9:76c6dd1434e1 2016-09-09 fkellermavnet No bug so undid what I undid back to what I did that was right in 1st place.
8:33c33f7cf84e 2016-09-09 fkellermavnet Fixed uint8_t and i-- < 0.
7:e6f22159ef23 2016-09-09 fkellermavnet for at_sockread_wnc, if the WNC goes berserk I prevent it from causing a memory overwrite.
6:a656e820d7ff 2016-09-08 fkellermavnet Fixed write to stop looking for null and use the length.
5:20207cc5502e 2016-09-06 fkellermavnet Added new read method, fixed old.
4:c5720f4d13ff 2016-09-06 fkellermavnet Added new read that uses dynamic string buffer. Fixed bug in prior read method.
3:b7b3d2c554e5 2016-09-02 fkellermavnet Separate library for platform specific WNC controlling.
2:30d78cda6779 2016-09-01 fkellermavnet Added a new method to K64F library to allow one to type in the debug serial port and send and receive commands to the WNC.
1:ac2de545b981 2016-09-01 fkellermavnet Had to revert back to MODSERIAL and cleaned up a bunch of minor things.
0:affdbb35faa4 2016-08-31 fkellermavnet Create a library for the WNC controller.