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Use of Ethernet class write &send methods

I am using the LPC1768 and the write method and send to use the Ethernet capabilities of the mbed. But for some reason I can not write more than 760 bytes...

while(1) { eth.write((const char*)buffer,1514); if(eth.send()>0) { led2=1; }else{ led2=0; } /*if(eth.send()>0) { led2=1; }else{ led2=0; }*/ wait_us(1000);


buffer is a char array of 1514 chars any assistance will be greatly appreciated Danton

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10 years, 6 months ago.

Ok In case someone else has this problem again I found a solution i am not sure if it will have other repercussions but apparently if you edit lines 47,48,and 50 of the ethernet_api.c of the NXP mbed library published by Emilio Monti (found here https://mbed.org/users/emilmont/code/) from 0x300 to 1536 you are able to send the maximum frame size.

I hope this solves your problems too.

Danton Note you need to erase the mbed prebuilt library, import the mbed-nxp AND the mbed-src to make this work.

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