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Revision Control on modified, imported library

I am working with the m3pi robot, so I have imported the m3pi library into my programs. We made some hardware modifications to the robot that required me to make some changes to the m3pi library. Now when I try to commit my program, it tells me that I must commit my changes to the m3pi library first.

When I commit the changes made to the m3pi library, it is only committed within my workspace, right? (Just looking for a little confirmation here.) If this is correct, is there an easy way to import my new version of the m3pi library into any new programs for my robot?

Thanks, Keith

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If you commit it it is only comitted for you (otherwise you could damage someone elses library). If you want to reuse it in other programs you have to publish it. You can either make a fork for everyone, or if it is only useful for yourself you can publish it unlisted. It is still public then, but only people with the link can find it.

Accepted Answer

Great answer - we will try and explain this better at the point where this message appears as it's a common area for confusion.

posted by Dan Ros 01 May 2013