8 years ago.

mbed rtos and mbed WiflyInterface dont work together . I am polling a couple of sensors

Interfaced with mbed boards and sending it out to a single application . I want to create a Multithreaded server by creating another server thread that sends the data to another application and the program is stuck on socket.bind() when I add the rtos library and more specifically wify->reboot in the library

Code Sample

int main (){


use Static wifly.init();

while (!wifly.connect()); join the network

printf("IP Address is %s\n\r", wifly.getIPAddress());

TCPSocketServer server;

server.set_blocking(false, 1500);

server.bind(ECHO_SERVER_PORT); stuck here if included rtos header file


printf("\nWait for new connection...\n"); TCPSocketConnection client; server.accept(client); client.set_blocking(false,3000);

process and receive data }

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