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API Doc and examples ?

Do you have any pointers to the API doc and examples ?

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The full manual with the API description can be generated (from .text) from the official repository


Clone the repo, enter the "docs/user_doc" directory, run build.sh A PDF from today's snapshot is attached here.

Please note that we just started the integration with mbed-rtos, so this is a very early version. You can import the library to your project, but with the following limitations:

- The generic driver based on ethernet_api.h does not use IRQ/DMA, so don't expect a high throughput - The stack is running in a single thread - You have to use our legacy (non Berkeley) API

The team is currently working full time on those three points. We will deliver a much better version, optimized for the LPC1768 mbed platform in the very next days.




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Excellent !

posted by Bart Janssens 26 Apr 2013