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BLE_HeartRate Example with Microsecond Ticker Issue


I am trying to run the ble heart rate example on NRF51822 with only one change i.e. using

ticker.attach_us (periodicCallback, 1000); 1ms

instead of

ticker.attach (periodicCallback, 1); 1sec

The nRF connect app connects and I can receive the hrm counter values but after a few minutes it gets disconnected and sometimes the ticker also gets stuck, whereas sometimes it keeps on ticking but the bluetooth gets disconnected.

May be 1ms ticker is causing some conflict. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Would help to know specifically which development board you are using. Would help to know specifically which code you are referring to when you say BLE_HeartRate. The only thing I see that looks like this is for mbed2. https://os.mbed.com/teams/Bluetooth-Low-Energy/code/BLE_HeartRate/

posted by Graham S. 03 Dec 2019

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Hi Justin,

Could you provide the example and Mbed OS version you are using?

To follow up this issue easily, could you create a new topic in our new forum

Regards, Desmond