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CAN at PIN PA11,PA12


i bought a STM32F446ZEJ6 Chip and designd a own Board with this Controller. Everything works fine, i can upload code and use pins for blinky etc. But if i use the Pins PA11,PA12 for a CAN-Bus communication, nothing happens.

I write the code in the mbed online editor and compile the code with NUCLEO-F446ZE. If i compile the code with NUCLEO-F446RE and load it on the STM32F446ZEJ6 , the CAN-Bus communication works.

Maybe the compiler blocks the function on PA11,PA12 because they are used for USB_DM and USB_DP on the NUCLEO-F446ZE developementboard? Is there any solution to run the code on the mentioned pins with the compiler for the NUCLEO-F446ZE plattform?

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Hello Martin,

I don't have a NUCLEO-F446ZE board to test it but you can try to remove the USB driver by adding a mbed_app.json configuration file to the project:


    "target_overrides": {
        "*": {
            "device_has_remove": ["USBDEVICE"]