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How to update BLE/GAP with " AdvertisingDataTypes.h"

Hello, In a simple Gap development I need to use the SERVICE_DATA_128BIT_ID who is not present in the "AdvertisingData". So how to use the AdvertisingDataType.h library ? Best regards Jiemde

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8 months, 1 week ago.

Hi Jean-marie,

Does this api setServiceData help?


Regards, Desmond

Hi Desmond, Thanks for your reply, I think that there are too much deprecated api and I don't know how to start and which one ? Also I'm very new in C++ ( more confortable with Python ! ) and without an simple example it's complicate to understand how that's work! Have you a simple example with only an GAP advertising with no services ? Or a tutorial for understand the procedure ( a lot of tutorial on Youtube but with deprecated functions ! ) Many thanks in advance if you can help me Best regards, Jiemde

posted by Jean-marie Defraine 05 Nov 2019