7 months ago.

Sending Data to TX pin Using UART

Hello all! I am trying to send some data to a printer module. I use a STM32F407 Discovery board. using cubeMX, I defined pins PA10, PA9 and PA8 as USART1_RX, USART1_TX, USART1_CK respectively. but I have a question: when I use HAL_UART_Transmit(), does it send data to pin PA9 as it is the the TX pin?

all answers are appreciated in advance!

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7 months ago.

Hi Ala,

I can't find your board STM32F407 Discovery from supported boards. The another question is HAL_UART_Transmit() function - I can't find the function from the Mbed OS API documentation. So some more information is needed to be able to help: - What is the board type when you compile your STM32F407 Discovery? - HAL_UART_Transmit() function - Are you using Mbed OS 2 or 5

Thanks, Pekka