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TPMS Project

Hello Folks,

I have a project that I've been developing that is a control and display system for my 2015 Harley Davidson. LPC1768 is used to read information from the CAN bus, does various things, and feeds data via BT to a custom display using an old HTC desire phone.

I would like to incorporate Tire Pressure data into the project and I thought that with the new BLE sensors it would not be that difficult to do. However upon research I can see that it's not easy at all... I can also find no code, examples or shields that can help.

So here is the question... What are the chances that if I purchase a system that has its own LCD display, that I might be able to tap into that display module and feed the stream going to the LCD into my LPC1768. And within the LPC decode the data being sent to the LCD?

I don't care how I get this data but I'd like to get it into the LPC1768 so that I can port this information to my existing monitoring display. I'm not a trained embedded programmer, so Simple is better. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

Below is a link of a device I bought and when it arrives I'll open it up to see what is inside...


BTW: The device has an sound alarm if any tire parameters go beyond settings... As a minimum I could tap the alarm circuit and feed that signal to the LPC and throw a general TPMS alert! on my display... The device could be tucked into the glove box for inspection if I get an alert on my display... In the end this may be the simplest solution.

I guess I'm sort of amazed at the lack of support there is for reading TPMS sensor data with PICs. I thought for sure there would be more support for this...

Best Regards, Tim

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Hi Timothy,

Actually, I am thinking you can just read TPMS sensor's data via BT, after all you already have a phone with BT feature.

To tap into a display module and feed the stream going to other LCD sounds doable, but the interface of the two system should be compatible, and the signal is sensible so you might loss data while doing this.

Anyway, this project looks interesting, we are looking forward to seeing the progress.

Regards, Desmond

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