8 months, 2 weeks ago.

IDB05A1 power consumption

Hello, here is my configuration:

  • Nucleo F401RE together with IDB05A1 ble shield.
  • Mbed Online compiler
  • Mbed ble button example I'm measuring the current consumption through Jumper J1 of IDB05A1; it is 2.8mA that is far much more than what it should be.

What am I doing wrong?

1 Answer

8 months, 2 weeks ago.

Hi Mario,

Here are some suggestions.

  • Disable printf()
  • Disable LED
  • Use offline Mbed CLI and build it with release profile

Regards, Desmond

Hi Desmond, thanks for quick reply and suggestions. Unfortunately the current I'm measuring is only for the BLE module since I'm measuring it straight on IDB05A1 module using jumper J1, the one it is connecting Vdd to SPBTLE-RF module. No led are connected there. I'll try to export the BLE button example to MBED STUDIO and compile it in release mode. When you say "Disable printf()", how to do it? Search along SW and remove them or is there a quicker method? In my opinion there should be a wrong configuration in BLE that is not allowing the cpu in SPBTLE-RF module to sleep. I made some measurement also with oscillocope and I can see a base current of about 2.8mA with spike during advertising of about 13mA. Any other suggestion?

posted by Mario Nicotra 23 Oct 2019