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RawSerial.h class error

Hello I'm new with mbed os,

I'm trying to compile an existing project from Eclipse but I have the following error;

Console: RawSerial.h:56:35: error: expected class-name before ',' token

Rawserial.h include


#include "platform/platform.h"


#include "mbed_toolchain.h"
#include "drivers/SerialBase.h"
#include "hal/serial_api.h"
#include "platform/NonCopyable.h"

Raw serial class declaring

class RawSerial: public SerialBase, private NonCopyable<RawSerial> {
    int putc(int c);
    int getc();
    int puts(const char *str);
    int printf(const char *format, ...) MBED_PRINTF_METHOD(1, 2);
} // namespace mbed

It look like a redefinition error. I try to comment previous definitions one by one, but the error is still there. I can't understand the source of the error.

Edit 22-10-2019 :


Thank you for your help.

Regards Alexandre

1 Answer

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Hello Alexandre,

It seems the SerialBase class name is not recognized by the compiler. Make sure the path to the SerialBase.h header file has been added to the INCLUDE_PATHS variable. The same applies also to the NonCopyable.h header file path.
Edit: Check the INCLUDE_PATHS variable in the project's Makefile. Could find lines like:


INCLUDE_PATHS += -I../mbed/drivers
INCLUDE_PATHS += -I../mbed/platform

Accepted Answer

Hello Zoltan, thank you for your response. I check the includes dependencies with "Eclipse include browser tool" and it looks like that SerialBase.h and NonCopyable.h are found (see print screen in the first post). But I noticed the code in serial base was inactive because of the directive: #if DEVICE_SERIAL || defined(DOXYGEN_ONLY).

So it’s like the serialbase.h was absent. So I add #define DEVICE_SERIAL 1 inside serialbase.h and I have no more class error.

It lead me to new question. How to know which mbed-os includes delclarations are necessaries?

Thanks you for your help.

Regards Alexandre

posted by Alexandre Mendy 22 Oct 2019