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Latest OS5 on STM32F103RBT6

Hi, I'm developing using the STM32F103RBT6 and am wondering what the limitations are here - the NUCLEO-F103RB page says the latest compatible version is 5.4.

The documentation only goes back as far as 5.9 - how can I find 5.4 docs? Is 5.4 worth using over the mature OS2?

Will I be able to make use of the OS5 libraries such as MQTT, Wiznet Ethernet and DHT22, DS18B20 sensors?

thank you for your help, Keith

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Hi Keith,

Probably best to use Mbed OS2 with this one, however the F103 will compile on the latest OS5. I tend to use both OS versions and compare when I'm not sure. Also depends on what you want to do, OS5 has a lot of integrated 'goodies' that tends to eat up resources (memory and speed). If you don't need these then OS2 could be the way to go.

Sensors are no problem either way, however Ethernet can be an issue depending on what data you are trying to handle. Web server functions could be a little tricky handling requests fast enough i.e receive HTTP request, process the request, collect the data and send it back out before the web client times out. Simple HTTP request will work no problem but serving web pages can be a bit tight at 72Mhz clock.

Using OS5 Ethernet functions is a no go here. You won't have TLS, not enough memory resource.

Wiznet library is available for OS2 and works fine, I have this example that works on most of the basic platforms, uses 32k Flash.


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Thank you for the reply Paul.

Your advice echos the findings I've been getting when trying to use OS5 - basic blinky stuff seems to work well, however when using the WIZnet OS5 library, the board is unable to initialise and get a DHCP address - just seems to bail out no matter what I try. Thank you for the clarification on this, it does indeed look like the WIZnet OS5 lib uses the OS5 Ethernet libs which may be incompatible in this case - also restricted to using v5.5 on this chip which is quite old now and could have support issues with this lib.

My use case is a networked MQTT device to control relays and pick up sensor inputs, so not running a web server.

thanks, Keith

posted by Kay Pee 01 Nov 2019