4 months ago.

Thundersoft M4G9 - target not recognised.

I'm trying to compile a program for use on the Thundersoft M4G9 development, but the compiler reports:

Error: Target "TT_M4G9" is not recognized.

Anyone come across this - or know how to resolve this??

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4 months ago.

Hello Chris,

The online compiler and also the offline mbed-cli compiler work fine for me when building Mbed OS 5 project for the TT_M4G9 target. Make sure you are building a Mbed OS 5 project (it should contain a mbed-os library rather than a mbed one).

4 months ago.

Hi there,

I do not have this board, so I only added that board into online compiler and I tried a standard blinky example with MbedOS5 (also a simplest version of that example with bare metal profile) with success result.

Import programmbed-os-example-blinky

This is a very simple guide, reviewing the steps required to get Blinky working on an Mbed OS platform.

I do not know what program you want to compile but be sure about your mbed library is up to date.

Best regards, Jan

Thanks Zoltan & Jan - I wasn't using the mbed-os project, I'm used to using the LPC1768 derivative dev kits.

posted by Chris C 23 Oct 2019