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MBED STUDIO V0.7 questions (Proxy and MBED OS location)

I have installed MBED STUDIO 0.7 and as identical to previous versions, this new version can't acces internet via our school proxy. Our Proxy needs credentials and i'm facing an error 407 in logs. MBED STUDIO hangs on login screen. A workaround is temporary disconnect network during lauch process.

Some improvement have been introduced in proxy use in version 5. Anonymous Proxy actually cause no problems, but proxies with authentification YES.

Is support for proxies with authentification, planned ?

Other things :

- Actually entire MBED OS is copied in each new project. Are there plans to add an option to use en unique copy of OS to save disk space and speed up project set up ? (It takes 2mn in our school desktops with mechanical HDD)

- On recent versions of MBED STUDIO, MBED OS location have moved into user folder (In appdata). It's great when it's only one user account on PC, but with our usage each student have his account..... Actually I have found a workaround by creating 1 dedicated accound for MBED STUDIO and use "runas" command in script..... On installation process it will be usefull to have an option to change MBED OS location. Actually changing location during installation process only change location of few files, most are copied in user folder. In older versions (0.4 ou 0.5) all files are copied in the location choosen during installation process.

I really love this tool, is perfect for our students. Actually we are using it with students but some improvement would be great.

Sorry for my poor english, but I'm french ...


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3 years, 7 months ago.

Thanks for reporting these ideas and issues!

We have the "single shared library" task in our backlog, as we know how much space Mbed OS takes up on disk. We're currently thinking of adding an option to "share" a library across the workspace and allowing the user to select that, or to work with unique libraries throughout.

The proxy support was added as a first step, but I will let the team know your feedback about authentication.

We have also received requests from other universities about allowing Mbed Studio to be installed for all users again, and are working on that at the moment.

Please don't apologise about your English, it is absolutely fine :)