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How to receive huge data(about 10M Bytes) by BLE(STM-WB55)


I setted up MTU to 150(Phone&Board)

and phone send the 10M data without delay by ble to board.

and 17bytes and 7k bytes are successful. but

Hard Fault is happened to Board when I send more 7k.

I don't know how to calcurate the number related to buffer.

plz help me how to control that number.

"buffer_size": 16384, "max-att-writes": { "help": "Maximum number of simultaneous ATT write commands", "value": 4, "macro_name": "ATT_NUM_SIMUL_WRITE_CMD" }, "rx-buffers": { "help": "Default number of receive buffers.", "value": 16384 }, "tx-buffers": { "help": "Default number of send buffers", "value": 16384 }

}, "target_overrides": {

"NUCLEO_WB55RG": { "cordio.rx-acl-buffer-size":16384, "cordio.max-att-writes":4, "platform.stdio-flush-at-exit": true, "cordio.desired-att-mtu": 251,

Hi Shin,

Could you attach the hard fault log? Thanks.

posted by Desmond Chen 15 Oct 2019
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2 days, 15 hours ago.

Hi Shin,

From your description, it seems maybe there is a potential memory leak issue, would you attach the log for us reference?

Regards, Desmond

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