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No "targets.json" file after an update to the latest revision of the Mbed OS-5.14 library?

After updating my offline mbed-os library to the latest revision [e83fd322bd or 2097512789] of Mbed OS-5.14 used by the online compiler there is no targets.json file in the mbed-os/targets folder anymore. Consequently, mbed-cli compile -m [TARGET_NAME] ... doesn't work for any target. Is this a bug? Should I use some new mbed-cli option instead of -m [TARGET_NAME]?
There are also some confusing inconsistent dates indicated in the When column on the Revision History page of the online compiler. For example:

209751278917 Feb 2017...tag:tools release-5.14.0 Enable Legacy Builds

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Hi Zoltan,

There should be. Have you run mbed update if you have used git checkout to change to 5.14? You can give target hardware with command mbed target [TARGET_NAME]

Regards, Pekka

Thank you Pekka for a quick response. When I update to Mbed OS-5.14.0 rev. b6e5a0a8a then there is a targets.json file. However, when I update to the latest Mbed OS-5.14.0 rev. e83fd322bd, which is currently used by the online compiler, then there is no such file. I use the following command:

mbed update [revision]

as recommended here. In both cases the command completes with no errors and everything seems OK until I try to compile a program.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 07 Oct 2019