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Does Mbed Studio "eat" my disk?

Hi, I had installed Mbed Studio in "D" disk of my computer, and my OS(win10-64bit) in "C" disk(C disk has 45G, of which 20G is occupied by win10, and the rest is free space.).

I save the example project (the mbed project) which downloaded from Mbed Studio in "C:\user\MbedStudio_test".

I run many Mbed Studio projects today, and find that my "C" disk is almost full. The C disk shows a red color.

I'm sure that there are 20G+ left in my C disk before I run those projects, it seems that the more times the projects run, the more space it occupy.

I searched in the web, but don't find the reasons. Finally, I format my C disk and reinstall win10. :(

Now, before this problem is solved, I dare not install Mbed Studio again.

Does anyone encounter the similar problem? And how to solve it?

Best regards.

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1 year, 9 months ago.

Every project you created automatically download MBED OS library and compiles it. At my install every project takes around 1 Gb.

PS. Same behaviour is expected also from VSCode + PlatfromIO. But in case of mbed it consumes even more due to compilations of any feature and driver in the package.

PSS. So, you shouldn't reinstall Win10. You need only to remove not necessary project folders from your drive C.

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Hi, Vladislav Kravchenko, thank you very much.

posted by wang gaoteng 06 Oct 2019