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"mbed-os-example-lorawan" not working on STM32L073RZ

I am relatively new to this.

I was trying to run the "mbed-os-example-lorawan" on STM32L073RZ controller using VScode and platformIO.

The SRAM and Program looks as below DATA: [======= ] 67.5% (used 13832 bytes from 20480 bytes) PROGRAM: [======= ] 67.7% (used 133036 bytes from 196608 bytes)

I can not find the program even running on the board after flashing. Just placed a printf() command in the beginning and does not really print anything. Later I noticed the SRAM size of the controller is 20K which could be an issue, as suggested by (https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os-example-lorawan). Then I tried to optimise the memory by removing RTOS using couple of suggested ".mbedignore" configuration. Unfortunately, the DATA and PROGRAM size never seems to change after all the attempts.

Do you think memory optimization could be the solution for this? If yes, I was wondering why the above solution did not work for me.

Could you please help this?

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