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Required specifications for Device management

I have a question about the explanation below. /media/uploads/uchida_kazuya/image.png

Is this RAM size including mbed-os and Device management?

Of course, I understand that it does not include the RAM used by the user's application.

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Documentation for the device requirements are here; https://www.pelion.com/docs/device-management/current/cloud-requirements/requirements-for-production-devices.html

The numbers have changed, but for that 128 kilobytes of RAM - it will include everything, the OS, networking stack etc. But, please be cautious that the numbers change A LOT on a per board basis. We have Wi-Fi stacks that are for example from 50 kilobytes upto 1.1 megabytes in size. Some example configurations are also detailed there and the actual client numbers only.

Client only software sizes vary depending on configuration:

56 KiB minimum config 107 KiB maximum config

So, you can impact the footprint quite a lot with feature configurations.

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Thank you very much!!! I understood that it depends on the configuration used.

posted by Kazuya Uchida 08 Oct 2019