9 months, 2 weeks ago.

Some areas blinked when debuging in Mbed Studio


When debuging using Mbed Studio, for example, clicking the "Step Over" button, then some areas blinked, as the picture shows in the left, "CALL STACK" area and "VARIABLES" area blinked when clicking the button. And, when watching variables in "VARIABLES/Local" area, the little triangle icon besides "VARIABLES/Local" collapses if I just clicked the "Step Over" button. For the reasons, I must click the little triangle icon again and again to see the changed variables when debuging. It is very inconvenient for the users.

I think the phenomenons above are abnormal for a modern software.

Does the development team of Mbed Studio have a plan to fix them?

Best regards.



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8 months, 3 weeks ago.

Hi Wang,

Thanks for reporting this.

I will discuss this with Mbed Studio team, and prioritize this task.

Regards, Desmond

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