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Why generating different bin size online ide and export gcc_arm makefile

When build project on online ide genereted bin file size 21k but exported project that export settings Make-GCC-ARM, build with make command on linux terminal generated file size 52k. Why configuration difference and how can reducu offline generated bin file size?


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Hello Abdurrahman,

The Mbed online compiler is using the state of the art Arm Compiler 6 which generates highly optimized binary code. That is usually smaller than the one created by the GNU Arm Embedded GCC ARM compiler. You have basically two options. Either try to optimize GCC ARM more for size (use the -O3 optimization option) or try the Mbed Studio IDE which is using the same Arm Compiler 6 as the Mbed online compiler.

Accepted Answer

Thanks for answering. I changed optimization level but Result is a few hundered bytes.

posted by abdurrahman uslu 24 Sep 2019