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ST-Link/v2 debugging

Hi, I have Black board STM32F407VET6 and use VisualCode+Platdorm IO to programm it. This board is not supported by MBED, so I choose its analogue: seeedArchMax. Everything works fine, but I can not use my STlink/v2 (clone) for programming or debugging. Usually, I build project in VScode, get bin-file, and programm it using STlink/v2 in STlink Utility prorramm. Question is, how can I enable STlink debugging in VSCode? Maybe I should edit some files in Mbed library, related to seeedArchMax? I know, it's possible, because I also have BluePill STM32F103, which also is not supported by Mbed, but debugging is working there fine.

Debugging in VSCode is possible with the extension Cortex-Debug: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=marus25.cortex-debug

posted by Johannes Stratmann 14 Oct 2019

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Hello Alex,

Unfortunately I don't use VScode neither Platform IO so I'm not able to help you with those. But you might find the links below useful. Both, programming and debugging work fine with STlink/v2 dongle + QtCreator.



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