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/media/uploads/girl860130/rs006.png 我開啟Ameba範例接著按compile可卻無法上傳,它顯示不支援Mbed OS 5 ? 可是網頁有說有支持!!! 所以想了解是什麼原因讓我無法繼續作業!

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Hi 薳之 張,

Thanks for asking us why Ameba is not working and shows error message "Target does not support mbed OS 5".

You can refer to this issue. https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/issues/11232

It's disabled in Mbed OS 5.13.2, and a PR is waiting for merge. A workaround is that you can switch the Mbed OS version to earlier than 5.13.2, that should work for you.

Thanks, Desmond