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when will mbed online compiler support pushing to github?

According to this article (https://os.mbed.com/blog/entry/Share-your-Github-hosted-code/os.mbed.com/code), the mbed online compiler cannot push changes made within the online compiler to a remote github repo (at least as of January 2018).

The article mentions that this will be an upcoming feature to the online compiler, but its a year later and and nothing has come from it.

Our developers prefer using the online compiler to the mbed-cli, especially when working remotely, but it is difficult to do so while also performing version control using github (our company policy is to use github for all its code repositories, so using mbed hosted repo is out of the question).

Basically, to push changes from online compiler to github repo, one has to export and download the modified code from the online compiler, then move that export into a local repo on the development computer, then commit and push to github from the local repo.

Can anyone on the mbed team provide clarity on when this feature will be supported?


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Hi Alejandro,

We apologize for the inconvenience. I just checked with our Web team, they've already raise the priority of this feature on their backlog, hope we can release this feature soon.

Regards, Desmond