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UBLOX C030-R412M dev board NB1 CME error on modem init

Hi All, I am using the board C030-R412M and experiencing some problem using NB1 connectivity. The problem is that the module at the statup reply to the AT+URAT=8 and AT+URAT? init commands with "+CME ERROR: Operation not supported" . In this condition the module does not register for a while at the provider network and after a long time (around 45 minutes) it goes online. Do you have any hint on this ?

There is an mbed example code that can provide simple raw AT serial command interface between the cellular module (SARA-R412M) and the the debug com port ?

This can be used to perform a modem init customization in order to test other configuration.

Thanks in advance

Giuseppe B

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Hi, 1. Are you using sw default value of MNO profile ? Can you please confirm by sending AT command AT+UMNOPROF?

2. What cellular network you are using ?

3. You can use sniffer to send AT command to modem from host. Please check https://os.mbed.com/platforms/ublox-C030-R412M/

4. There was an example program https://os.mbed.com/teams/ublox/code/example-C030-R410M-AT-Serial-Passthrough/. Again for C030-R412M you have to use mbed-os version greater than 5.12.4.

Example program has been renamed today so link is changed now. so please use https://os.mbed.com/teams/ublox/code/example-C030-AT-Serial-Passthrough/ in place of example-C030-R410M-AT-Serial-Passthrough

posted by fahim alavi 30 Aug 2019