11 months, 2 weeks ago.

Board is NOT working when BLE write very quickly(STM-WB55)


Phone :

requestMTU(230) requestConnectionPriority(BluetoothGatt.CONNECTION_PRIORITY_HIGH); setPreferredPhy(2,2,0); WriteType : WRITE_TYPE_NO_RESPONSE

Board :

"cordio.rx-acl-buffer-size":512; "cordio.desired-att-mtu": 230;

Connection Interval:

ConnectionParameter Update complete. Connection Interval: 12 Slave Latency: 0 Supervision_timeout: 2000

Phone send data with 4ms Interval.

when phone send 141KB. it is working well.

but phone send 10MB.

sometimes It was successful. but Mostly Board had stopped.

How to set up to transmit big File(over 10MB) from Android to Board(STM-wb55) with low interval(under 3ms)?


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11 months, 2 weeks ago.

Hi Shin,

Do you have more specific log or at least describe the phenomenon, what do you mean the board stopped?

There are many ways for tracing this issue.

1. If you have BLE sniffer, you can check is slave still responding and does slave always send NACK to master.

2. If slave always sends NACK, that means the RX buffer is full and then you need to check if your host receive the data packets correctly.

3. If the data packets don't even get to host, you can check is there a deadlock or performance issue.

That's all I have now without any further information, hope this helps.

Regards, Desmond

thanks Desmond.

I think It is like DeadLock.

When I sent a small size file to board, It was fine.

but it is happened to send big size file.

And I can not find how to change the option about memory(RX, cache, buffer flush, etc).

could you help me know how to controll memories?

posted by SHIN ETHAN 02 Sep 2019